Human Experience Architect with expertise in Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality; with a special interest in data design and a passion for space exploration. I am a perceptive listener that can assimilate and distill complex data; intuit essential meaning and articluate it to others. I lead by fostering communication and causing alignment between stake holders; and mentor with patient generosity.


As a computer graphics pioneer, I began my career as a digital effects artist writing particle system animations for visual effects giants such as Metrolight Studios, Warner Brothers and Disney Feature Animation.

My innovative data-driven dashboard design work for Technicolor earned me co-inventor designation on the patent for Fulfillment Tracking In Asset-Driven Workflow Modeling. I bring the same pioneering spirit and enterprise-level expertise to my product strategy and design work for immersive media.

  • Product Strategy
  • User Experience Design
  • User Experience Research
  • Systems Analysis
  • XR Prototyping in Unity
  • Team Leadership and Management


End-to-end asset driven workfslow management system for content creators and distributors in the film production and entertainment industry.

UXXR Productions

Searching for
Sister Gaia

An interactive story in virtual reality about life on planet earth, told through the exploration of distant worlds, using data from the NASA Exoplanet Archive.

World IA DAY 2019


An AR experience that explores the virtues we must cultivate to create a future that works for everyone.

Skills & Expertise

My passion for experience design, immersive technology and data fuels my research-driven process and the skills I invest in developing.